Make your sound timeless timeless

サウンド・エンジニアリングのバイナリー・ワールドへようこそ is an ambitious open-source project

aimed to involve novice musicians into the craft of sound engineering. Using the buses of world-famous artists as an example, we will show you what real music consists of. See, listen, create and evolve with us.

You have an idea, made a track, what's next?

Send your stuff to the professional engineers

A great composition gets written about. A dull composition gets written off. If you want to sound authentic and distinct, editing is important for you. It removes mistakes and awkward pauses. Without editing, unwanted sounds and repetitive sentences may draw away the listener's attention from where it is desired.


Mixing ensures that no matter the fashion in which the music has been recorded, it impacts with the correct aesthetic and allows the listener to be enveloped by the song.


The purpose of mastering is to make your music sound balanced, cohesive, uniform, professional, and ready for commercial release. Mastering also ensures playback optimization across various speaker systems and media formats.


Take your music and entertainment to the next level with Dolby Atmos, a revolutionary spatial audio technology for the most immersive sound experience.